Monday, 13 June 2011

Feeling inspired

A contact through Bernie lead me to Jon.  I chased the lead in the hope that Jon might be selling some Manurhin parts, but alas, it turns out Jon was himself searching for parts - A recoil spring for his starter.  This spring was the last bit he needed to get his scooter up and running! (makes my own project seem like a very long and arduous journey).

Jon acquired his 1959 "Manurhin Hobby" through a friend of a friend.  Originally bought new in Hastings, It was last taxed in 1973 - and (due to commitment to other projects) Jon is keen to get it going with as little intervention as possible (it needed a new belt drive) and to leave it in its 'as found' condition (which I rather like the look of).

I really like the look of Jons scooter - with the original paintwork.  I  am envious of finding a bike with everything on it, and Im intrigued about that bit of trim down the length of the body.  I don't think I've seen one of those before.

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